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  • Setting us up the bomb

    I’ve always known that scripts were out there and scouring the internet for exploitable websites. It’s why the more widely used blogging applications (I’m looking at you, Wordpress) are so widely hacked. To make my own little positive impact on the world (and because it’s fun), I’ve decided to set up a few traps on my site.
  • Automating Jekyll deployment to S3 using CircleCI

    I’ve been working a great deal with Jekyll lately. I’ve used it for this blog for a while, but I hadn’t spent much time automating the whole process. Unfortunately, when I set out to hook everything up, there didn’t seem to be anybody out there doing exactly what I wanted, so it took me a little more time than I expected. I’ll guide you through the configuration steps I’ve taken to get my site automatically deploying to S3 (hosted by CloudFront) using CircleCI whenever you push to your master branch.
  • Be careful what you ask for; a lesson in monitoring

    This morning was like any other—wake up late, shower, get stuck in traffic—but with a twist. As soon as I hit traffic, which was really bad even by I-85-in-midtown-Atlanta standards, my smart watch started to buzz every few seconds. Trio’s servers are unreachable according to our monitoring service. It’s going to be one of those mornings.
  • Migrating blog posts from Orchard CMS to Wordpress

    There are a good number of blog posts out there helping people migrate their sites to Orchard, but few, it seems, heading in the other direction.
  • Hooverphonic with an Orchestra gives me the chills

    This is such a fantastically beautiful sound.

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