• Automating Jekyll deployment to S3 using CircleCI

    I’ve been working a great deal with Jekyll lately. I’ve used it for this blog for a while, but I hadn’t spent much time automating the whole process. Unfortunately, when I set out to hook everything up, there didn’t seem to be anybody out there doing exactly what I wanted, so it took me a little more time than I expected. I’ll guide you through the configuration steps I’ve taken to get my site automatically deploying to S3 (hosted by CloudFront) using CircleCI whenever you push to your master branch.
  • Be careful what you ask for; a lesson in monitoring

    This morning was like any other—wake up late, shower, get stuck in traffic—but with a twist. As soon as I hit traffic, which was really bad even by I-85-in-midtown-Atlanta standards, my smart watch started to buzz every few seconds. Trio’s servers are unreachable according to our monitoring service. It’s going to be one of those mornings.
  • Migrating blog posts from Orchard CMS to Wordpress

    There are a good number of blog posts out there helping people migrate their sites to Orchard, but few, it seems, heading in the other direction.
  • Hooverphonic with an Orchestra gives me the chills

    This is such a fantastically beautiful sound.
  • Belt Lines #15

    The fifteenth of 155 poems about the Beltline by Lee Butler.

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